Therapeutic Healing, Counselling & Energy Modalities

Helen M. Downs


Interpersonal Mediator

Meditation Facilitator

Thought Field Therapy Practitioner

Personal and Spiritual Growth Counsellor


Also trained in:

Qi Gong Healing

Spiritual Surgery


Learning and practice of these modalities has been an important part of my eclectic make-up, over the years. In earlier life, as a Criminal and Family Lawyer, I met a wide range of people 'up against it'  in one way or another.

It became clear that the level of help needed to overcome problems in many cases, was deeper than the layer that was going to court.

Over tIme, I have learned and practised the modalities listed here. In each of them I have found a valuable tool that can really shift patterns of thinking and self-restriction (in the mind and in the body) and bring fresh new possibilities, if a person is open enough to co-operate with their own process.

I help people to do this, in whichever form it takes. I prefer to work in an informal, comfortable and relaxed atmosphere rather than an office, if that's ok with you.

I can do some work remotely or by phone / email so feel free to enquire in that regard. Drop me a line.