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Editing &

 Author of
"Spirit Seeds"
(Published on Create Space, 2015) &

"A Handful of Seeds" 

(Published 2008 in
UK by Melrose Books)

Artworks and collage designs for:

* Film, Advertising, social  media & promotions

* Creative visualisation
* Fun & relaxation

* Personal therapeutic 

Therapeutic Healing, Counselling &
Energy Modalities

INHOUSE and also offering referral to other practitioners  I recommend for their integrity and  success with  their various therapeutic tools, abilities and modalities.

Interpersonal Mediation
Dispute Resolution & Conflict Counselling 

If you are of goodwill and genuinely seeking peace I am happy to assist you to achieve it.

Lateral  Concepts
& Ideas

New approaches
to stuck Life patterns.

I often perceive the
patterns in things

and can help
rearrange them


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